Daily Detox (100 gm)


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Revival of the body starts with Detoxification

An Excellent Companion to Your Daily Routine

You can’t avoid packaged food & Junk foods like Pizza, Burger etc but you can reduce its harmful impact on your body with daily intake of Daily Detox.

It shows results with in a week, and you can revive your body with regular use of Daily Detox for 3 months

Senna Free => Only product of it’s kind

What’s expected from continuous use of this product for 3 months:
(Wow Moment is expected – you will simply love it’s result)
1. Natural Glow on your face (Beauty Secret)
2. Improvement in chronic Gastric or Indigestion problems
3. Weight loss
4. Young Look like Antiageing Product
5. Healthy Liver, Kidney & Heart
6. Many positive Changes on your body due to excellent detoxification


Helps in
• Full Body Detox
• Relieving toxins from the body
• Reducing excess fat deposited in the digestive system
• Weight loss
• Rejuvenating the body
• Improving the Jatharagni (Internal Digestive Fire)
• Regulates Bowel Movement
• Increases absorption of nutrients in the body
• Bloating, Acidity and Constipation
• Body get rid of toxins
• Removing impurities stored in fatty tissue, kidneys & other organs
• Internal cleansing of the body
• Improving digestion
• Balancing the hormones
• Improving the blood flow
• Maintaining Aura & Chakra
• Nourishes Tissues and Organs
• Works directly on the Cell of Human Body
• Purifies Blood


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