Liwo Joint Care Kit (Combination of 3 Ayurvedic Products) for Excellent Result on Joint Pain – Trial Pack (Lasts for 15 days)

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Say Good Bye to Joint Pain

Single kit containing 3 Ayurvedic products – Very Effective combination that had helped many postpone their joint surgery

 Potent Combination of 20+ Herbs & Natural Minerals:

  1. Liwo Joint Pain Oil 60 ml pack: Provides quick & long lasting relief from joint & muscle pain.
  2. Liwo JointFix Capsule (Pack of 30 Capsules): An Effective Pain Healer that Stops loss of cartilage which is the major cause behind the chronic joint pain.
  3. Liwo Cal-D Capsule (Pack of 30 Capsules): Strengthens Bones & Ligaments.


100% Natural, Safe & Effective with only SIDE BENEFITS rather than SIDE EFFECTS!

Results may be visible with in a week itself depending upon the case.

When you find difficult to walk due to joint pain, you need internal healing. Using Liwo Jointcare kit, you may get relief sooner and action will be better.

Liwo Joint Oil is sufficient only for external healing in case of occasional knee pain, joint pains, and all sorts of muscle pain.

The other 2 products as part of Liwo Ortho Kit are completely safe as they are all natural products without any side effects.

Expected Results: With in a week of using it depending upon the case.

Even if you are suffering from Chronic Joint pain, you may get relief after a week of using this Kit.


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When Only External Healing is not sufficient for your Joint Mobility

Single solution to joint pain problems

Don’t just manage the pain – Let’s fix it

Liwo Joint Care Kit Includes:

  1. LiwoHealth Joint Pain Oil (60ml)
  2. LiwoHealth Joint Fix Capsule (30 Capsules)
  3. LiwoHealth Cal-D Capsule (30 Capsules)

Lasts for 15 days

1. LiwoHealth Joint Pain Oil:-

Combination of 9 Herbs to Get Quick Relief from Joint & Muscle Pain

The Most Effective, 100% Natural & Safe Pain Oil

  • Suitable for all kinds of Joint and muscles pain
    • General Body Pain
    • Muscles Pain
    • Arthritis Related Pain
    • Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back pain etc

– Improves Joint Mobility
– Reduces Swelling and Promotes Blood Circulation
– Improves Local Circulation and Relaxes Muscle

Helpful in:
– Sciatica Pain
– Arthiritis Pain
– Muscular Stiffness
– Frozen Shoulder
– Neck Pain
– Lower Back Pain
– Knee Joint Pain

Herbs Used: Jaiphal, Javitri, Ashwagandha, Akarkara, Lavang, Ashudh Kuchla, Kapoor, Kesar, Til Tail

2. LiwoHealth Joint Fix Capsule

Combination of 5 Herbs to strengthen the Joint (Good for Cartilage & Ligaments)

– Protects Cartilage & Ligaments from further damage
– Improves Joint Mobility
– Provides Long Term Pain Relief
– Reduces Swelling

Helpful in:–

– Arthiritis Pain
– Muscular Stiffness
– Frozen Shoulder
– Neck Pain
– Lower Back Pain
– Knee Joint Pain

Herbs Used: Shallaki, Nirgundi, Ashwagandha, Maharasnandi Ghan, Kukutandtwak Bhasam

Uses: Heals Your Joints and Repair Muscles Naturally


3. LiwoHealth Cal-D Capsule

Calcium in Natural Form

Highly Available form of 9 Herbs as Natural Source of Calcium for Long Term Consumption

  • Good for Healthy Bones & Ligaments
  • Fulfills Body’s Daily requirement of calcium

– Supports Bones, Teeth & Muscles
– Strengthen Bone Tissues
– Helps in Bone Formation
– Provides Relief from Aging Ailments Related to Calcium Deficiency
– Better Absorption of Calcium

Herbs Used: Moringa, Narkundan, Kuttutandatwak Bhasm, Bansalochan, Mukta Pisti, Aloevera, Ambey Haldi, Shank Bhasm, Sounth

22 reviews for Liwo Joint Care Kit (Combination of 3 Ayurvedic Products) for Excellent Result on Joint Pain – Trial Pack (Lasts for 15 days)

    Dharmendra Singh Bhadauriya
    January 31, 2021
    Very good
    0 0
    Mrinalini Kapurvarm
    March 3, 2021
    product worked but not happy. received leakage oil. plz check from next time
    0 0
    Sai Chintala
    March 16, 2021
    first tried joint pain oil. it worked well but this kit is awesome. my dad can walk comfortably. love to try other products of liwo
    0 0
    tuntun singh
    April 10, 2021
    0 0
    November 9, 2020
    my mother says she is feeling better. just been 4 days.
    0 0
    Ambuj Sharma
    June 13, 2021
    great product - my heartfelt thanks to liwo. this is 4th month and it is working good till now.
    0 0
    June 15, 2021
    work ok but at least something worked.
    0 0
    June 26, 2021
    ordered for my father in law and it worked magically for him. I will recommend. thanks liwo team
    0 0
    July 6, 2021
    Better than others. My mother is happy
    0 0
    Shazad Khan
    July 20, 2021
    Good but need to work on delivery. They promised delivery with in 5 days but i received in 10 days.
    0 0
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