Migra Mukti Capsule (Pack of 60 Capsules)


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The Natural & Non Drowsy Solution to help you in all sorts of Headaches including Migraine
(The only effective solution for Migraine)
Caffeine Free
Especially Designed for Those Having Frequent and Intense Headache

When you have intense headache (In case of Migraine) nothing works. You simply take some pain killer which doesn’t fix the problem but just make you sleep.
Migra Mukti Tea is completely different! It won’t make your sleep. You can be productive but without pain.

Liwo Migra Mukti Kit had worked for lakhs of people when everything else had failed.

What’s expected from continuous use of this product for 3 months:

(Wow Moment is expected – you will simply love it’s result)
1. Intensity & Frequency of headache may be reduced
2. You may get permanent relief from intense headache


• Helps in Reducing the intensity & Frequency of Headaches including Migraine
• Helps Balance Pitta Dosha, Clears Sinuses and associated headache
• Expels Vitiated Pitta out of the body
• Anti-inflammatory, Purgative & Headache Reliever
• Helps reduce Daily stress
• Alleviates the symptoms and Discomfort associated with headaches and migraines.

Helps in All kinds of headaches
• Migraine Headache
• Sinus headache
• Allergy headache
• Menstrual headaches
• Menopause headaches.
• Cold and Fever headache.
• Tension headache
• Constipation-induced headache
• Headache due to Eyestrain or Lack of Sleep
• Even helps in case of hangover headache relief
• Engineered for Quicker action.
• Headache due to regular use of Mobile Phones

Migra Mukti Capsule Composition

Each Capsule Contains:
Godanti bhasm 80 mg
Shuddh Guggul 50 mg
Chirayita 50 mg
Sonth 33 mg
Mulethi 34 mg
Pippli 33 mg
Triphala 70 mg
Haridra 50 mg
Geloy 50 mg
Nimb chaal 50 mg
Processed in: Giloy, Vasa, Arjuna, Munakka.

Use it with Daily Detox for better result

Who can take this product:

Anyone above 10 years of age.
Child, Adults (Male & Female)

Dosage: 1 Capsule twice daily

Recommendation for Better Result

For better result, Migra Mukti Kit is recommended (Migra Mukti Tea & Capsule with Daily Detox)



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